Our Mission


NEVET is an international and multidisciplinary research and training venue that serves as a greenhouse for capacity building of young scholars and practitioners. We aim to develop knowledge, inform policy and promote context-informed perspectives on children and families for professionals and services working with families and young children in multicultural and international contexts.

Children and families in need are a worldwide concern that crosses cultural frontiers. We believe that a deep understanding of child well-being requires a context-informed multidisciplinary perspective. According to this view, various children’s needs should be assessed and treated with knowledge, respect and sensitivity to the contexts in which they occur. The context-informed  conceptual framework informs our research, training and intervention in the area of children and families in need.


The greenhouse strives to fulfill five major objectives related to children and families in need:

(1) To develop high-level context-informed research, including the development of innovative methodologies and the establishment of a database for context-informed assessment and treatment.

(2) To involve leading local and international researchers in the fields of social and community work, psychology, criminology, education and medicine to assist in capacity building of young researchers  and graduate students in their respective fields.

(3) To apply a context-informed perspective to the training of students and professionals, and to interventions  with children and families in need.

(4) To influence the formation of "context – informed" social policy.

(5) To create venues for multidisciplinary national and international collaborations in the above domains.