IACCP Conference, Reims, France, July 2014

Symposium entitled: ‘Child Development and Culture: A Cultural Milestone – The Critical Age of Three Months’.







TACHY WE Russia, October 2014

Presentations on the perceptions of risk and protection among very young children, the subjective experience of motherhood, the perception of fatherhood among native Israelis and immigrants from the former USSR and attachment experiences and parental perceptions of risk among immigrant families from the former USSR.




The European Association Conference in Portugal, September 2015

Presentations on the perceptions of risk among parents and their children.




The National Conference of Doctoral Students of Social Work, February 2016

Led panel on multiculturalism


ISPCAN Conference in Canada,  August 2016

Presented a paper conceptualizing "Spiritual Risk" among close-knit, Ultra-Orthodox communities, based on the analysis of 50 interviews with Ultra-Orthodox parents in Israel and the US.



Honoring Traditions and Creating the Future - IACCP congress in Japan, August 2016

Symposium entitled: ‘Parenting in Diverse Cultural Environments’.


The NEVET international research workshop: "Studying young children's perspectives: Challenges and implications", June 2016

Following the research project "Young Children's Perspectives on Risk and Protection" 2014/6, a research workshop of the Israel Science Foundation "Studying young children's perspectives: Challenges and implications" was held at NEVET, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. About 30 international and national leading scholars on children’s perspectives presented their studies during the workshop.

The presentations and discussion groups covered crucial questions such as: How to do research with young children? What have we learned on the methodology of studying young children's perspectives? What have we learned about young children from studying their perspectives? What have we learned from children about their self-perception and agency? What have we learned about children's thinking? What are the implications for research and practice (teacher's education, social workers and therapists)? In addition, ethical concerns regarding children's rights to privacy were discussed.

The workshop enabled the first exposure in Israel regarding studying young children's perspectives. While discussing future directions, many local researchers and practitioners requested to hold a workshop that will deal with course construction for training programs like social work and education. We are currently we are planning the follow-up workshop.