Fellowships and prizes for Ph.D. candidates


Fellowships and prizes for Ph.D. candidates

The School bestows prizes and fellowships with the support of donors and foundations, as follows:

  • Grant for a thesis or dissertation on the topic of mental disability http://www.kshalem.org.il/pages/item/136
  • Bracha Ben-Zvi Prize for excellence and innovation in research on social work and social welfare
  • Nira Shenhar Fellowship for the topics of immigrant absorption and civil society in Israel
  • Louis and Rebecca Schoenfeld Fellowship
  • Shulamit Yosopovich Fellowship
  • Milton Rosenbaum Fellowship
  • Amy Rosenberg Fellowship
  • President’s Fellowships – each year the University, together with the School, bestows President’s Fellowships upon excellent research students. The invitation is published in January on the general university website
  • Hoffman Fellowships for research students
  • Truman Institute Fellowships for doctoral and post-doctoral students
  • Writing-up grant for research students nearing the end of writing their dissertation

Further information on fellowships is available from Ori Sagi (oris@savion.huji.ac.il)

Joint international courses

The School for Social Work and Social Welfare initiates and encourages meetings with students from other places in the world, as well as studying topics connected to social work in various places around the world. We believe that exposing students to a range of approaches and systems in the field of social work, becoming acquainted with systems and procedures that differ from Israel, will enrich their knowledge and open further paths of thought for our students.


A list of the programs currently offered at the school, as well as information about past meetings/programs, is as follows:


Courses offered in the framework of undergraduate studies in the 2017-18 academic year:

Course in Hong Kong during the first semester