Social involvement for first-year students

In his/her first year of study, the student will participate in the “social involvement” program, meant to provide a first experiential meeting with fieldwork in the profession of social work. The aim of the program is to bring the students into contact with people in states of distress, to encourage intimate acquaintance with people in these situations, to gradually impart a professional point of view and to increase social involvement and awareness through personal experience. The student’s work is accompanied by professional guidance by social workers in the field.

Activity in “social involvement” is an integral part of the Introduction to Social Work course.

A passing grade in “social involvement” is a requirement for progressing to second year; without a passing grade, the student will be required to repeat the introductory course and the involvement.

In addition, each student is required to fill in a feedback form at the send of the second semester (the end of the year) and to e-mail it to:

Dr. Anat Epstein ( 

Miri Ben Harosh (


Extent and duration of activity:

Within the framework of this activities, that comprises three weekly hours, the student is required to spend two hours a week in personal mentoring contact with a fixed person (or group), and one hour a week participating in group counselling (or two hours every two weeks). The times of counselling change from place to place, and the student must adapt to this. Activity in “social involvement” and presence at the counselling takes place throughout the academic year, including during the semester break. If a student is unable to come to an activity or to counselling, s/he must inform the counsellor at the place of involvement in advance. In addition, the student must make time for orientation meetings in the first month of the academic year, according to the requirements of the place of activity and to fill in feedback about the place at the end of the year.


Evaluation of achievements and grading in social involvement:

The student’s progress in “social involvement” is formally evaluated by the counsellor twice a year and is filed in the student’s personal file.