Nevet's Book

Context-Informed Perspectives of Child Risk and Protection in Israel

Dorit Roer-Strier & Yochay Nadan

Seies editors: Richard Krugman and Jill Korbin


Table of contents:


  1. Introduction: The Israeli Stage for Context-Informed Perspective on Child Risk and Protection

    Dorit Roer-Strier, Yochay Nadan / Pages 1-12

  2. The Evolving Concept of Risk and Israel’s Child Policy

    Nofar Mazursky, Asher Ben-Arieh/ Pages 13-26

  3. Context-Informed Research on Child Risk and Protection: Principles and Challenges

    Ibtisam Marey-Sarwan, Natalie Ulitsa/ Pages 27-40

  4. Risk Complexity—Culture and Identity in Migration: The Case of Ethiopian Jews

    Michal Gatenio-Kalush, Shelly Engdau-Vanda, Naomi Shmuel/ Pages 41-59

  5. Seeing Eye to Eye? Perception of Risk and Protection of Social Workers and Parents Regarding Children of Ethiopian Origin

    Shelly Engdau-Vanda, Michal Gatenio-Kalush, Bat-Hen Karni / Pages 61-80

  6. Parental and Professional Perspectives of Child Risk and Protection in Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Community

    Rivka Keesing, Netanel Gemara, Mani Pollak /Pages 81-104

  7. Many Children, Many Risks? Listening to the Voices of Families with Many Children from the Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Community in Israel

    Hannah Bartl, Heidi Keller, Natali Zohar, Nira Wahle/ Pages 105-129

  8. Perceptions of Risk and Protection among French Immigrant Mothers in Israel

    Noémie Bloomberg, Yan Serdtse, Dorit Roer-Strier/ Pages 131-148

  9. Parental and Professional Perspectives of Child Risk and Protection in Unrecognized Bedouin Villages in the Naqab: An Intersectionality-Informed Approach

    Ibtisam Marey-Sarwan, Galit Meir/ Pages 149-170

  10. Child Risk and Protection: Perceptions of One-and-a-Half Generation Immigrant Parents from the Former Soviet Union and Israeli Social Workers

    Natalie Ulitsa, Lital Yona, Anna Gogonsky, Dorit Roer-Strier/ Pages 171-196

  11. Challenging Social Workers’ Envisioned Definitions of Child Neglect: Perspectives of Mothers Living in an Impoverished Neighborhood

    Lital Yona/ Pages 197-215

  12. “Permanent Temporariness:” Eritrean Refugees and Social Workers’ Perceptions of Israeli Policies and Their Implications for Family Well-Being

    Lior Birger/ Pages 217-240

  13. Children’s Rights, Protection and Access to Justice: The Case of Palestinian Children in East Jerusalem

    Bella Kovner/ Pages 241-261

  14. Young Children’s Perspectives of Risk and Protection

    Yael Ponizovsky-Bergelson, Yael Dayan, Ibtisam Marey-Sarwan, Dorit Roer-Strier, Nira Wahle/ Pages 263-287

  15. Disclosing Sexual Abuse in Religious Communities in Israel: Lessons Learned by the Research Group on Child Sexual Abuse

    Dafna Tener, Amitai Marmor, Efrat Lusky Weisrose, Aya Almog-Zaken, Tsofnat Melamed Filtser, Shosh Turjeman / Pages 289-304

  16. An Ultra-Orthodox Researcher: Oxymoron or Opportunity? A Typology of Appearances of Conflicting Identities of an Insider Researcher

    Netanel Gemara/ Pages 305-315

  17. A Context-Informed Approach to the Study of Child Risk and Protection: Lessons Learned and Future Directions

    Yochay Nadan, Dorit Roer-Strier/ Pages 317-331