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General Information

Postdoctoral training is a period of independent studies and research after PhD attainment conducted under the supervision of a senior faculty member in the School.


Admission and Supervision Criteria

  • A candidate with a PhD, MD, or MD Vet from a certified institute of higher education or having obtained the approval of such an institute to submit a doctoral dissertation for review, may present such an approval. The latter may also be entitled to a postdoctoral scholarship.
  • Postdoctoral training will begin no later than five years after the formal approval of a doctoral degree.
  • The candidate’s supervisor must be employed in the ordinary academic track. If it is a professor emeritus, and only if s/he is engaged in active research, request for exceptional permit may be submitted to the deputy rector. Supervision by the dissertation advisor may only be permitted for the period between the submission of the dissertation for review and its final approval.



The status of postdoctoral student and the postdoctoral scholarship will only be granted for a period of no more than four years.



  1. The candidate and designated supervisor will contact the school dean’s office and submit a formal request for postdoctoral studies. The request must be sent by email.
  2. Next, the candidate will obtain an invitation letter signed by the dean.
  3. Upon receiving the letter, the candidate will submit a copy of the PhD approval, and a registration form for postdoctoral training.
  4. After the documents have been duly received, the student will be registered in the university’s systems for the relevant academic year.

Click here for the full procedure as available on the website of the Office of the Academic Secretary.


For questions and inquiries, please contact

Avital Edna, Assistant Dean


Ori Sagie

Head of Teaching and Students Area




Ancillary Services for Postdoctoral Students – Provided by the Rothberg International School

International students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are entitled to ancillary services provided by the Office for Student Life (OSL) at the Rothberg International School. The service package is designed to help you adjust to campus life, to Jerusalem and to Israel, and help you conduct a full and independent life.

The ancillary services available to international students include:

  1. Personal contact prior to arrival in order to provide essential information
  2. Acquaintance and orientation meeting upon arrival
  3. Help in settling down in Israel (visa, residence, insurance, bank account, public transportation, SIM card, etc.)
  4. 24/7 emergency line: 054-8820217
  5. Representatives in all Jerusalem campuses
  6. Available contacts for consultation and information
  7. Mediating between the student and university officials
  8. Social events
  9. Subsidized Hebrew study (semestrial courses)
  10. Psychological service
  11. Security and safety updates
  12. Family care


For questions and inquiries, please contact

Sigal Kleinerman, Director of Student Life Unit



Visiting research fellows (VRFs), doctoral and postdoctoral students, please contact

Gal Lombrozo, Coordinator of International Research Student Assistance