Conditions of progress to second year


  1. In order to continue to second year, the student must receive at least a passing grade (60) in each of the first-year courses.
  2. A student who fails one or two of the first-year mandatory courses (so long as their combined credits are under 6) may continue to second year (with the permission of the faculty member responsible for academic standing) if s/he has achieved weighted average of at least 70 in the courses s/he took during the first year (including the courses in which s/he failed). S/he will have to make up the courses in which s/he failed (or did not write the exam or did not complete all assignments) in the second year. If at the end of the second year. s/he has not passed these courses, his/her studies will be stopped (including practical training).
  3. Despite (2) above, a failing (below 60) grade in in one of the following courses will prevent the student from continuing to second year:
    1. General mandatory courses:

03802 Scientific thought and research design

03804 Data processing and data analysis

  1. In the direct therapy track: any of the Practicum I courses
  2. In the management, organization and policy track:

03060 Advanced Policy Practice

  1. A student who fails three courses and/or does not achieve the required average in first year courses will not be permitted to continue to the second year.
  2. A student who did not fulfil the conditions for progress to second year may repeat part or all of the first year in an attempt to fulfil these conditions the second time. Should s/he succeed in passing all the failed courses during the first semester of the second year, s/he may take second-year elective courses in the second semester of that year.
  3. A student who fails four or more courses will have his/her studies at the School stopped.
  4. Improving grades by repeating courses will not be considered fulfilling the requirements for transferring to the research track.