Joint Program in Social Work and Humanities

General information

This degree is relevant only to those students who initiated their studies in 2017.

Head of the BSW program: Prof. Avishai Benish

My reception hours are on Tuesdays between 16:15 - 17:30 in room 515 (By appointment).

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Coordinator of undergraduate studies: Ms. Yael Bar-David Hasson 

Tel. 02-5881780


Undergraduate program secretariat – tel. 02-5882202, 02-5882190, room 310

Office hours for students: Sunday-Thursday, 09:00-15:00


The School of Social Work and Social Welfare and the Faculty of Humanities offer a joint program for a BSW together with a BA in one of departments of the Faculty of Humanities. The program is open to a limited number of students according to criteria of excellence.

According to the program, students may study at the School of Social Work and their choice of an additional department in the humanities. At the end of their course of study, the student will receive a BSW together with a BA from a humanities department. The single diploma will be signed by both deans, and will be awarded at the degree ceremony of the School of Social Work and Social Welfare.


The program’s aims:

The program is meant for students who wish to study social work who are also seeking academic challenges and interesting combinations from the fields of the humanities that will enrich and deepen their studies.

The additional knowledge will enrich and vary research and practice in the fields of social work and social welfare. The program will enable students to engage with intellectual and research content in a wide range of topics with practical channels of social and personal significance.


Acceptance requirements:

Excellent students who meet the acceptance cuts of both the School of Social Work and Social Welfare and the Faculty of Humanities are invited to apply for the program. Up to ten students, with the highest acceptance cuts, will be chosen from these candidates.


Duration of study:

The duration of study in the program is four years. Tuition stands at 400%.


Structure of study course:

The extent of study required in the joint program is 174 credits, of which 114 credits are in social work and 60 credits in humanities (the precise number of credits must be checked with the Faculty of Humanities, as there are departments that require more than 60 credits).

For details about the departments of the Faculty of Humanities which may be studied as part of this program, please contact Ms. Rita Vidry, the secretary for students and teaching matters of the Faculty of Humanities, by e-mail to or by phone 02-5883714


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