Master of Social Work (MSW)


The program’s aims

  • Promoting advanced practice while emphasizing therapeutic work with individuals and families
  • Training senior staff in community work
  • Development, shaping, changing and analysis of social policy
  • Training teaching and research faculty

The MSW program aims to prepare its student for professional leadership in social work practice; in designing, developing and promoting social services; in planning and designing social policy; in research and teaching of social work.


The program awards its graduates the degree of Master of Social work (MSW).


The study program towards the MSW is based on the following principles:

  1. Encouraging academic excellence in general, and particularly in research.
  2. Developing top-level professional leadership in all areas of the profession.
  3. Respecting the students’ maximal autonomy in designing their individual study programs.


Head of the MSW program: Prof. Edith Balit Cohen

Coordinator of MA studies: Ms. Rama Botbinik

Program secretariat: room 518, tel: 02-5880452 extension 2, 02-5881845/8, e-mail:

Office hours at the secretariat: Sunday-Thursday, 10:00-15:00.