Acceptance and registration


The acceptance committee will discuss each request according to the candidate’s qualifications and according to the program’s intake possibilities. Those candidates with the highest rankings of those meeting the acceptance requirements will be selected. In extraordinary cases, the acceptance committee will discuss special requests.


Requirements for acceptance to the MA in Non-Profit and Community Organization Management

  1. Final grade for undergraduate degree of at least 80 from a recognized academic institution
  2. Preference for candidates with experience in working in community organizations, non-profits, and social organizations
  3. Supplementary studies (see below)
  4. Exemption (“ptor”) in English (see below)


Supplementary studies

Supplementary studies, set by the acceptance committee after checking previous academic studies, are meant to provide all students with a common knowledge-base that is an essential condition for acceptance to the program. These studies will include the following undergraduate courses or their equivalents, according to the candidate’s previous studies:

  1. Introduction to Statistics. Recommended: supplementary workshop before the beginning of the academic year or 03111 – “Basic Concepts in Statistics” course.
  2. Introduction to research methods. Recommended: supplementary workshop before the beginning of the academic year or 03322 – “Research methods” course
  3. Introduction to welfare policy. Recommended: supplementary workshop before the beginning of the academic year or 03116 – “The development of the welfare state in Israel”.

Anyone required to take three or more supplementary courses will be accepted to the program as a regular student only after completing these studies and achieving an average of at least 80 therein. Completing the supplementary studies in the first year of study is a condition for continuing in the program. The supplementary studies are not considered part of the degree course.

At the end of the summer before the beginning of the academic year, concentrated supplementary workshops will be offered, that can replace some of the abovementioned courses. Details at the secretariat.


Exemption (“ptor”) in English

In accordance with the procedures of the Hebrew University, receiving an exemption at university level is a necessary condition of acceptance to the MA in Non-Profit Management program. An exemption in English must be presented by the end of September before the beginning of the intended academic year.

A candidate who is not a graduate of the Hebrew University shall present an exemption from his/her undergraduate studies at one of the institutions recognized for this by the Hebrew University (List of the institutions recognized for the exemption in English)

A candidate whose undergraduate studies were not at an institution in the above list must present an alternative exemption based on the psychometric exam, AMIR/AMIRM test, or English as a Foreign Language studies at the Hebrew University.


Registration process

  1. All candidates must register at the University’s Registration and Acceptance office via the website (online registration). Overseas students will register via the Overseas Students Admissions Office, Goldschmidt Building, tel: 02-5882607

For further details on the registration process, see the Guide for Candidates

  1. At the same time, create an account in the graduate studies registration system (EKMD) in order to submit the required documents for acceptance to the program:
    1. Standard passport photo
    2. Succinct resume in the standard format for seeking a job
    3. Certification of entitlement to previous undergraduate/graduate degree, with the institution’s stamp and signature
    4. Detailed grades from the above undergraduate/graduate degree, with the institution’s stamp and signature
    5. Two letters of recommendation, one from an employer and one from a faculty member

The candidacy of anyone who does not carry out these two stages will not be brought before the acceptance committee. Anyone paying registration fees and not uploading documents to EKMD will be rejected on the grounds of lack of documentation at the end of the registration period.



The accelerated track

Since the 2014/15 academic year, the school has permitted outstanding students to complete the MA program in Non-Profit and Community Organizations Management in a single year (the accelerated track is non-research track only).

Within the framework of this track, students complete the degree in a single academic year of three semesters (including summer semester). Study in the accelerated track takes place on two concentrated days (Mondays and Wednesdays).

Students accepted to this track pay 200% tuition at the outset (full tuition for MA degrees at the Hebrew University – for details contact the Student Tuition office, 02-5882342).


Conditions for acceptance to the accelerated track:

  1. Undergraduate degree from a recognized institution of higher education with a grade of at least 90
  2. Interview


List of classes in the accelerated track, 2016/17