Schwartz Program – MA in Non-Profit and Community Organization Management


General information:

The program imparts education and advanced training in managing non-profit institutions and community organizations in various fields.


The program’s aims

  1. To impart knowledge and tools for systematic and analytical thought in the fields of policy and management;
  2. To impart knowledge and tools for analysis, planning and decision-making that will improve the quality of the student’s functioning and of the decisions s/he makes;
  3. To improve the personal and interpersonal management skills of policymakers, managers, and senior staff in non-profit organizations and community organizations;
  4. To provide the students with a common base of management and organizational knowledge that will enable communication and a common language, which will contribute to advancing organizational goals and improving inter-organization relations;
  5. To develop an infrastructure of academic research that will nourish and enrich the study program and the students.


Head of the program in Non-Profit and Community Organizations Management: Prof. Mona Khoury-Kassabri

Coordinator of MA studies: Ms. Shuly Levy

Program secretariat: room 518, tel: 02-5880452 extension 2, e-mail:

Office hours at the secretariat: Sunday-Thursday, 10:00-15:00.