A message from the Dean


Welcome to the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare.Mona

Our school shapes the social work profession, trains the future generation of social workers, and influences social policy.

The school shapes the social work profession through groundbreaking research activity of faculty members in broad areas of social work. Studies conducted at our school are innovative and contributes to the development of knowledge in the field, the evaluation of treatment and training methods, and the promotion of social issues, affecting Israeli society in all its forms. This commitment to research also includes training the future generation of scholars from among our students, who will extend the field of research and the profession to new spheres.

The research that we promote and encourage at the school enables the mutual enrichment of professionals in the field and our research staff.

We strive to train the social workers of the future in the most professional manner. The curriculum of the various programs is up-to-date and pluralistic, in which individual understanding is based on a systemic approach that relates to the intra-personal level through family, community, and social system. We are committed to a friendly, fruitful, challenging, and culturally sensitive environment, in which students can shape and improve their professional identity.

I believe that to train professionals in the best possible way, there is a need for an environment that accepts students and staff with their ethnic, national, social, and gender identities, making it possible to express this variety through teaching, training, and social activities at school.

The school is involved in social action in Israel and in efforts to influence the shaping of social policy in the country. The combination of training, social involvement, and research that we conduct advances our profession and the populations we deal with at a personal and community level, leads to social change, and affects the shaping of social policy.

We are proud of the extensive activity of our students within the framework of the school and of the university in departmental and school committees, of their involvement in the student union, and more. We are also proud of our students' involvement in Israeli society in general, through their activities in organizations and associations that promote equality and social justice in Israel.

As a graduate of the school, I can vouch that my studies provided me with a unique experience and exposure to the world of social work, in all its beauty and complexity. I acquired knowledge of the basic concepts of the subject and became acquainted with the world of research, theory, and practice in the field. The school also gave me the opportunity to express myself and my national-cultural identity, and to get to know the others and their identities. I hope that this spirit that has guided me along my academic path will continue to guide us for many years to come, and that we will be able to create an interesting and challenging educational atmosphere for our school community, which is at the same time also personal and human.


Prof. Mona Khoury-Kasabri,

Dean of the School