A message from the Dean



A message from the Dean

Welcome to the website of the Hebrew University's School of Social Work and Social Welfare. Our school, which opened its gates in 1958, is the oldest school of social work in Israel. The seniority embodies great responsibility and from this position we continue to lead research in the field of social work, influence welfare policy in Israel and train social workers as well as the heads of social organizations and the management and education personnel in the preschool system. We fulfill our calling to continue leading our graduates to take on leading roles in the social services and integrate into the decision making process of the welfare policy in Israeli society.

The school works diligently to advance and develop research in the fields of social work and social policy in Israel and the world. The studies conducted in the school are rooted in various disciplines, combine varied and advanced research methods, and have great influence on innovative thinking and leading research initiatives in many universities and research institutes. We pride ourselves in the achievements of our staff, who have great reputations in Israel as well as around the world. The schools researchers are awarded The Israel Prize for Social Work, other prestigious awards and competitive research grants. These research funds are used to develop innovative knowledge on social problems and how to handle them and many students at the school take part in fascinating research work which affects the knowledge, thinking and development of programs in many fields such as health, mental health, the elderly, children, teenagers and more.

The school, part of The Hebrew University, the best research university in Israel and recognized as one of the leading universities in the world, is committed to academic excellence and promoting knowledge at high and meticulous standards of quality. The school is located in Jerusalem, an international city possessing a varied and multicultural population with special needs which constitutes an interesting and challenging environment for the profession of social work. The students and program graduates are integrated in the work done in the most significant sites in the city within the framework of practical training and other projects.

The school has close connections to the social work systems, the social services and the social work profession at both local and national levels as a leading partner in professional developments. School graduates join the social services systems as leaders, pathbreakers and entrepreneurs.

The school's researchers and teachers in their reseach and teaching deal with social distress, inequality, intolerance for the different and violation of the rights of individuals and groups in society. The school's curricula work in relation to the values of social work and are committed to the promotion of social justice, paving the way to social accessibility and implementing social rights in many areas. The School promotes culture-sensitive social work, allowing a proper voice and place for disadvantaged populations and improving quality of life for people everywhere. This approach, which concerns itself with the welfare of the individual, the family and the community, is based on the understanding that it is not possible to detach the treatment of a human being from dealing with his environment, and a wide view which takes this into account and tries to act on both the private and social levels must be adopted.

The school staff is committed to the students and sees in them important partners in our chosen way and in realizing our vision. The varied student population in the school finds a rich and dynamic academic system in a warm and participatory atmosphere. The school includes unique courses of study: tracks for studying Community Social Work, Early Childhood Studies, and Management of Nonprofit and Community Organizations.

In the school there are unique research centers: the Israel Gerontological Data Center, The Center for The Study of Civil Society and Philanthropy in Israel, and Nevet - Greenhouse of Context-Informed Research and Training for Children in Need. We act in close cooperation with The Haruv Institute, which specializes in developing knowledge in the areas of at-risk children and abuse victims. The knowledge accumulated in these centers allows for a rich and varied learning experience.

The school promotes and maintains cooperative ventures at different levels. Students learn in joint programs with the faculties of Law, Social Sciences, Humanities and more, and benefit from extensive multidisciplinary knowledge which can only be found in The Hebrew University. The school facilitates international cooperation. Many leading lecturers from around the world collaborate with the school’s researchers, attend international conferences held at the school’s initiative, teach and hold workshops. The school also holds international courses, with the participation of students from Israel and abroad, which are conducted in cooperation with leading schools of social work from around the world.

Our staff’s excellence and commitment to research, teaching and training, along with the variety of students and wide range of school programs, create a unique learning environment. I invite you to explore the website, join our Facebook page and become familiar with the activities, programs and makeup that create the fascinating uniqueness of The School of Social Work and Social Welfare at The Hebrew University.

Prof. Mimi Ajzenstadt