The Israel Prize

prasThe Israel Prize is the most important and prestigious prize of the State of Israel. It was initiated in 1953 by the then Minister of Education, Benzion Dinur, and has been bestowed continuously since then. Every year the judges’ committee submit to the Minister of Education their recommendations to give the prize in various fields of activity and creation in Israel. The winners are Israeli citizens – individuals, or in rare cases partners to achievement – who have evinced particular brilliance and excellence, breaking new ground in their field, or making a special contribution to Israeli society.



Rotenberg     Prof. Mordechai Rotenberg – 2009

     Mordechai Rotenberg, Wikipedia

     During his years as a faculty member at the Paul Baerwald School of Social                Work and Social Welfare, Prof. Rotenberg developed an original, creative and            groundbreaking theoretical model, combining aspects of sociology, psychology        and religion with welfare and social work. He received the Israel Prize for the            development of this model, which is based on Jewish sources but also takes                                              inspiration from cultural perceptions from East and West.


Doron     Prof. Abraham Doron – 2004

     Abraham Doron, Wikipedia

     Prof. Doron received the Israel Prize in Social Work for laying the foundations           for in-depth historical and comparative research in varied topics in social work        and social policy in Israel. Thanks to his important research, his commitment            to welfare, and his great involvement in the processes of shaping social policy,                                          Prof. Doron won great international and local recognition. Prof. Doron passed                                          on the immense knowledge he amassed in his studies to his many students,                                            who continue in the footsteps of his research.


Rosenfeld     Prof. Jona Rosenfeld – 1998

     Jona Rosenfeld, Wikipedia

     Prof. Jona Rosenfeld is one of the pioneers and leaders of social work in Israel.        He is an emeritus faculty member of the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work          and Social Welfare at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he served as          dean in 1974-1979.