Prof. Eli Leshem


Academic Profile: 

Ph.D. 1989, Hebrew University; Sen. Lect (Adjunct) 1996, Prof. (Adjunct) 1998 , Emeritus, 2006.


Research Interests:
Migration; Culture sensitive social work; Welfare services and policy.


Research Projects:

Jewish communal leadership in the FSU. Funded by JAFI.

Integration processes of FSU immigrants in Israel (1990 - 2004). Funded by JDC-ISRAEL.

FSU immigrants and the veteran population: Secondary analysis of the CBS Social Survery 2002. Funded by JDC-ISRAEL.


Recent Publications:

Gal, G. & Leshem, E. (2000). Examining changes in settlement policies for immigrants: The Israeli Case. Journal of comparative policy analysis: Research and practice, 2: 235-255.

Al-Haj, M. & Leshem, E. (2000). Immigrants from the Former Soviet Unionin Israel: Ten years later (A research report).Haifa: University of Haifa. The Center for Multiculturalism and Educational Research. 131 p.

Lissak, M. & Leshem, E. (2001). From Russia to Israel: Identity and culture in transition. Tel-Aviv: Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House. 263 p. (Hebrew).

Leshem, E. (2001). Immigration from the Former Soviet Union and the secular/religious fissure in the Israeli society. In: Lissak, M. & Leshem, L. (eds.). From Russia to Israel: Identity and culture in transition. Tel-Aviv: Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House. 124-148 (Hebrew).

Leshem, E. (in press) FSU immigrants in Israel between "Integration" and "Segregation". Iunim Btkumat Israel(Hebrew),

 Leshem E., (2003) Israelas a Multicultural  Stateat the Turn of the Twenty-First Century. In: Leshem L., Roer-Strier D., (eds.) Cultural Diversity a Challenge to Human Services. (13 -116) Jerusalem: Magnes Press. (Hebrew)

 Leshem E., (2003) FSU Immigration in Israel 1999 ? 2003: Situation report. Jerusalem. JDC-Israel (Hebrew).

 Leshem, E. Horowitz, T. & Zemach, M. (2003) Veteran population attitudes toward FSU Immigration in Israel:Jerusalem: JDC-Israel. (Hebrew).

Leshem E., Roer-Strier D., (2003) Cultural Diversity a Challenge to Human Services. Jerusalem: Magnes Press. 383 pp. (Hebrew).

Leshem, E., Sicron, M. (2004). The Russian immigrant community in Israel. In: Rebhun, U. & Waxman, C.I. (eds.).Jews in IsraelContemporary Social and Cultural Patterns (81 -117) Lebanon: Brandeis University Press.

Chapters in Books (Refereed)

Leshem,E (2007) The Russian Alia in Israel: Community and  identity  in the second decade. In : J.Ro'i & Z. Gittelman ( Eds.) Revolution ,repression  and  revival: The Soviet Jewish experience (333-360).  Boulder Co. : Rowman & Littlefield Pub. Inc.

Leshem,E (2007) The reform in immigrant absorption policy : From institutional absorption  to  direct absorption in the community . In : U. Aviram , Y. Katan & J. Gal (Eds.) Social  policy  formulation in Israel: Trends and issues.( 239-286)Jerusalem: Taub  Center for   Social Policy Studies in Israel(Hebrew).

Leshem, E. (2005) FSU immigrants in Israelbetween “Integration” and “Segregation”. In: A.Bareli, T. Friling & D.Gutwein (Eds.) The economy and sociology on Israel: historical and contemporary aspects. Iyunim  btkumat  Israel Series.(541 – 580). Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem: The Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the study of Israel & Zionism -GurionUniversityof the Negev Press. Yad-Ben-Zvi(Hebrew).

Refereed Articles in Scientific Journals

Litwin ,H.&  Leshem, E.(in press) Late-life migration, work status and survival: The case of older immigrants from the former Soviet Unionin Israel. International Migration Review

Leshem,E. (2008) Being an Israeli: Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Israel, Fifteen years later. Journal of Israeli History, Politics, Society, Culture. 27 (29-49).


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