Dr. Katalin Katz


Research Interests:

Holocaust stories of Roma from Hungary. Individual and collective memory. Practice and theory in social work.

Addictions. Narrative research methods. Narrative therapy.


Abstracts of Current Research :

Holocaust stories of Roma (Gypsies) from Hungary: practices of memory and interpretation.Retelling the untold story of the life events of the Roma from Hungary during the Holocaust creates a link to their practices of memory and interpretation. Practices such retelling events to a large or an intimate audience, building monuments and visitation habits, memorial days, composing and reciting lamentations etc. are all activities derived from the memory and its interpretation. At the same time they construct the memory. These practices both drive the relationship between the personal and the collective and also between the inner reality of "being" and the external reality of "doing". The various memories and interpretations are analyzed in the social and cultural contexts of those remembering and interpreting - Roma from Hungary whose narrative became the basis of a common story, meaningful for the collective.

Individual and collective memory.An analysis of the construction and reconstruction of memory in a socio-political context and of the relationship between story and history. The role of memory in rehabilitation after a massive traumatic experience is examined with respect to the Holocaust, the destinies of the Roma and Sinti in Europe and the Naqba - the story of the Palestinian Arabs in 1948.

Practice and theory in social work and social work training. Social Work students' satisfaction with their Field Instruction and the problems of integrating knowledge of practice and theoretical concepts in social work and social work training.

Addictions.Drug addiction history, background characteristics and treatment plans of substance abuse clients at an out-patient service for people with addictions problems



Recent Publications:

Katalin Katz– Recent Years' Publications


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