Dr. Michal Almog-Bar

Prof. Anat Zeira

Academic Profile: 

Ph.D. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2007, Lecturer, 2007.


Research Interests:

Comparative analysis of nonprofit organizations, the Third Sector and Civil Society in Israel: structure, finance, and fields of activity, functions, historical development and relationship with the environment.

The relationship between the welfare state and the nonprofit sector; Policy towards nonprofit organizations; processes of policy formation and change towards the Third Sector; policy initiatives towards the Third sector.

Advocacy by nonprofit organizations and their role in Public Policy formulation processes; nonprofit organizations providing human services and their political activities; Social Policy and public policy making in Israel.

Research Projects:

Policy initiatives towards the Third Sector in comparative perspective. 

Advocacy activities in nonprofit human service organizations.

Advocacy by nonprofit organizations and their influence upon public policy making.

Philanthropic foundations and their influence upon social policy making processes.

Nonprofit organizations providing social services and the creation of an alternative welfare sphere. 


Recent Publications:

Gal, J., & Bar, M. (2000). The Needed and the Needy: The Policy Legacies of Benefits for Disabled War Veterans inIsrael. Journal of Social Policy 29 (4), 577-598.

Bar, M. (2000). Bureaucracy, Politics and Income Maintenance: The Policy making Process of the Income Maintenance Law in Israel. Social Security (Bitachon Soziali), 58, 54-75. (Hebrew).

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Gidron, B., Bar, M. & Katz, H. (2004). The Israeli Third Sector: Between Welfare State and Civil Society.  New York: Kluwer Academic / Plenum.

(Hakibbutz HaMeuchad published a Hebrew version in 2003).

Bar, M. (2004). Between Silence and a Shout: The Political Activity of Voluntary Welfare Organizations in The Policy Making Process Towards Children with Disabilities in IsraelJerusalem: Schwartz Graduate Program for Directors of Community and Nonprofit Organizations and Public Policy, HebrewUniversityof Jerusalem. (Hebrew).

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