Ms Minda Garr


Academic Profile: 

M.S.W. 1977, University of Iowa; Teacher 1986


Research Interests:

Social work practice education; cognitive therapy;  adolescent psychosocial development;  sexuality education.    Specialization in mind/body/spirit healing 


Recent Publications:

Garr Minda and Goldie Marans. Ultra-orthodox women in Israel: a pilot project in social work education, Social Work Education, 20(4), 2001.

Garr, Minda. Looking for solutions, not problems, Camping Magazine, 78(6), 2005.

Garr, Minda. Understanding group processes, Camping Magazine, 79(2), 2006.

Garr, Minda and Rabbi Ronald Garr. Establishing clear limits, Camping Magazine, 79(6), 2006.

Garr, Minda. Sexuality education in the camp setting: a thirty-four year retrospective, Camping Magazine, (March/April) 2012.

Garr, Minda. The interface between camp and family: the challenge of dealing with loss and bereavement, Camping Magazine, 2015.

Garr, Minda.  Interfacing between short-term, time-limited crisis intervention, treating trauma and shock, and trance and subtle energy work: case study. Accepted for publication, Journal of Heart-Centered Therapies, Spring, 2016.