Prof. Miriam Rosenthal


Academic Profile: 

Ph.D. 1965, StanfordUniv.; Teaching Fellow (Sen. Lecturer) 1975; Sen. Teacher 1987; Assoc. Prof. 1991; Full Prof. 1994; Emeritus 2005


Research Interests:

 Child development in group-care settings: Focus on social and emotional development in the first three years of life. Toddlers' peer interaction and "concern for others" in a group setting.      Child rearing ideologies and child development ethno-theories in different cultural contexts.    Quality of Care for infants and toddlers: social policy and standards of care.


Research Projects:

Parents' and Educators' ideas, perceptions and definitions of "quality of care" in child care settings in different cultures.

Social and emotional development of young children in day-care: The effects of Caregivers' beliefs and behavior.

Abstracts of Current Research :
Parents' and Educators' ideas : Cultural differences in child rearing ideology as expressed in the developmental goals and practices of parents and educators in different cultural groups are examined through semi-structured interviews and a questionaire.

Peer interaction and emotional expression of young children:  :The hopes and anxieties concerning the development of children led researchers studying the effects of child care to focus on aspects of care which are associated with developmental outcomes in terms of achievement of competence or adjustment. The cognitive educational objectives of Early Childhood programs in most Western societies center on intellectual development and later school achievement. In this study, we examine the relationship between the beliefs and behavior of caregivers in Day Care with their children,  and these children's engagement in conflicts as well as in positive peer interaction. The effects of an intervention program which focuses on caregivers' attitudes and behaviors are examined.

Recent Publications:
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