Prof. Orya Tishbi

Associate Professor of the Practice
Room 211

Academic Profile: 

Dr. Tishby is a clinical lecturer, and a member of the research group: Mental health and Welfare of Children and Adolescents.

Rutgers Univ., New Jersey, U.S.A. - Psy.D. 1991,Hebrew University - Visiting Lecturer – 1996- 1998; 1999-2002,Hebrew University – Clinical Lecturer- 2002, Senior Lecturer of the Practice 2011.



Research Interests:

Psychotherapy process research (process and its relation to outcome)  particular focus on:

The therapeutic relationship; psychotherapy with adolescents; 

The motherhood experience;  supervision and training



Research Projects:

 Current research projects:

2007-2010 - Israel Science Foundation Research grant – principal investigator, together  with  Prof.  Hadas Wiseman, Haifa University: The client  therapist "dance": Interplay of client and  therapist interpersonal patterns, working alliance and therapy outcome.

2008-2010 -  Israel Joint Distribution Committer research Grant  (Warburg  Grant), jointly with Dr. Ofrit Berman-Shapira, Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social  Welfare, Hebrew University. A longitudinal study of the  subjective experience of  first-time mothers.

2009 - Collaborating in a study on the outcome of  day  treatment for eating disorders. Principal investigators: Uri Pinus, Adolescent day treatment unit, Hadassah Hospital, and Prof. Gail Auslander,  Paul  Baerwald School of Social Work and  Social Welfare. (Funded by the Milton Rosenbaum Grant).

  2005-2007- Israel Joint Distribution Committee research grant  (Warburg) :   Changes in interpersonal conflicts of adolescents in psychodynamic therapy.  (currently in final stages of data analysis). With doctoral student Dana Atzil.



Abstracts of Current Research :

Help seeking among Israeli adolescents- This study attempts to examine the factors that are involved in seeking professional and non-professional help for emotional distress, among Israeli adolescents. The study will include adolescents from both secular and religious schools, from upper- middle class and low socio-economic background.

Changes in interpersonal conflicts among adolescents in psychotherapy- This study  looks at interpersonal conflicts that adolescents present in psychotherapy. The focus of the study is the relationship with each parent, and with the therapist. The study compares interpersonal conflicts of adolescents whose parents are divorced, vs. those whose parents are not divorced. In addition- it tracks changes in these conflicts throughout therapy.

Parental representations among adolescents leaving foster care- This project is included as part of a larger project which assessed readiness for independent living among adolescents leaving foster care. The study analyzes parental descriptions of biological parents and foster parents along several factors, and will examine the relationship between these factors and readiness for independent living. 

Aspects of the supervisory relationship-  This study examines conflictual aspects of the supervisory relationship in the 2nd and 3rd years of social work field practice. The aim is to characterize the supervisory relationship in these two levels of training, and to identify the type of interpersonal conflicts that occur in supervision.



Recent Publications:




Shtokman, D.,  & Tishby, O. (Alphabetical). (2004). (In Hebrew). Is this the son I prayed for ? a   reunion between father and his adolescent son. Sichot- Israel Journal of Psychotherapy, 18(2), 164- 173.

Tishby, O., Assa, T. & Shefler, G. (2006). Patient progress in two  cases of  Time Limited Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy Research, 16(1),  80-90. 

Tishby, O. Raichick, I., & Shefler, G(2007). Changes in interpersonal conflicts among adolescents in psychodynamic therapy. Psychotherapy Research, 17(3),297-304.

Dayan-Farchi, Y. & Tishby, O (2009). Changes in mothers' subjective experience of   their relationship with their eldest child, following the birth of the second child.  Society and Welfare  (Hevra Verevacha), v. 29 (2-3),       311-338 (Hebrew).


 Haj-Yahia, M.M, Tishby, O., & de Zoysa, P. (2009). Post-Traumatic stress disorder   among Sri- Lankan university students as a consequence of their exposure to family violence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 24, 2039-2056.  

  Tishby, O., &  Vered, M . (2010). Countertransference in the treatment of adolescents and its  manifestation in the patient-therapist relationship. Accepted for publication in Psychotherapy Research.

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