Prof. Ruth Landau


Academic Profile: 

Ph.D. 1991, RutgersUniv.; Teaching Fellow 1992; Lect. 1993, Senior Lect., 1998; Associate Professor, 2007.


Research Interests:

Beginning of life and end of life issues

Child wellbeing

Third party assisted conception

Loss and bereavement

Ethics in social work


Research ethics


Research Projects:

Single women and their children conceived with the aid of sperm donation.

The ethical aspects of the use of advanced tracking technologies for the analysis of mobility in Alzheimer's Disease and related cognitive disorders - part of a larger study developed jointly with Professor Gail Auslander from the School of Social Work and Social Welfare, Dr. Noam Shoval from the Geography Department, Dr. Heinik from Tel Aviv University and a team of researchers from the University of Heidelberg in Germany.


Recent Publications:

Books edited:

E. Blyth, E. and R. Landau(Eds.) (2004). Third party assisted conception across cultures: social, legal and ethical perspectives. pp.288. Jessica Kingsley Publishers,  London and New York.

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Women’s motives for planned homebirth in Israel. Society and Welfare 29 (1) 39-62 [Hebrew].

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