Prof. Tamar Rapoport


Academic Profile: 

Ph.D. 1981, HebrewUniv.; Lect. 1985; Sen. Lect. 1990; Assoc. Prof. 1998. Prof. 2004.


Research Interests:

Sociology of youth; Sociology of knowledge; Gender socialization. Immigration – Russian Jewish immigrants.


Research Projects:

Immigration of Russian Jewish students to Jerusalemand Berlin; The expected and unexpected consequences of the Fulbright  program; "Motherhood Literacy" of Palestinian Women in Um-Tuba 


Recent Publications:

A: artilces

Lomsky-Feder, E. , Rapoport, T.  (2000). “Visit, separation and deconstructing nostalgia: Jewish-Russian students travel to their homeland”. Journal of  Contemporary Ethnography, 29 (1): 32-58.

Appears in Hebrew: (elaborated version)

Lomsky-Feder, E., Rapoport, T. (1999). “Separation via visit: Russian students travel to their homeland”. B’amichlala: Qualitative Research in Education, 11: 93-120.

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Lomsky-Feder, E., Rapoport, T. (2001). “Homecoming, immigration and the national ethos: Russian-Jewish homecomers reading zionism”. Anthropological Quarterly, 74 (1): 1-14.

Appears in Hebrew: (an abridged version)

Lomsky-Feder, E., Rapoport, T. (2000). “To leave or to stay? – Immigrants challenge the national ethos”. Megamot, 40 (4): 571-590.

Rapoport, T., Lomsky-Feder, E., Heider, A. (2002). “Recollection 

and relocation in immigration: Russian-Jewish immigrants “normalize” their anti-Semitic experiences”. Symbolic Interaction, 25:2, 175-198.

Rapoport, T., Lomsky-Feder, E. (2002). “Intelligentsia” as an ethnic habitus: The inculcation and restructuring of Intelligentsia among Russian Jews. 

British Journal of Sociology of Education, 23 (2): 233-248.

Lomsky-Feder, E., Rapoport, T. (2002). “Juggling models of  masculinity: Russian-Jewish immigrants in the Israeli army”. Sociological Inquiry, 73 (1): 114-137. 

Appears in Hebrew: (elborated version)

Lomsky-Feder, E., Rapoport, T. (2001). “Juggling models of     masculinity: Russian-Jewish immigrants in the Israeli army”. Israeli Sociology, 3 (1): 31-51.  

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Appears in Hebrew: (translation)

Sasson-Levi, O., Rapoport, T. (2002). “Body and knowledge in social movements” Megamot, 41 (4): 489-514.

Rapoport T. , Book Review (forthcoming).  “Simulated dreams: Israeli youth and virtual zionism”,  by Haim Hazan. New York: Berghahn Books, 2001. Pp. 116. American Journal of Sociology. B. Chapters in books (since 2000)


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Rapoport, T., Lomsky-Feder, E. (2003) “A stranger at home: Jewish-Russian students in the Kibbutz”. In E. Leshem and D. Roer-Strier (eds.), Cultural diversity: A challenge to human services, pp.139-162. Jerusalem: Magnes (in Hebrew).

Lomsky  Feder, E., Rapoport T. (forthcoming) “Visit, separation, and    deconstructing nostalgia -- Russian students travel to their old home” In: A.   Levy and A. Weingrod, (eds). Homelands and diasporas: Holy lands and other   places.Stanford University Press. 


Lomsky  Feder, E., Rapoport T., et al (forthcoming) “Speaking their language?: Identity, home and power relations in interviews with immigrants” In: M. H. Barreto Abraho. (ed.). The Autobiographic adventure – Theory and  practice.Brazil, Porto Alegre: Edipucrs.