Prof. Yochay Nadan

Associate Professor
Room 530

Prof. Yochay Nadan

Associate Professor


Research Interests:

(1) children’s risk, maltreatment, well-being and protection in diverse contexts; (2) practice research (psycho social interventions in diverse reality, clinical training and supervision); (3) family therapy, narrative therapy; (4) the LGBTQ+ community (emerging adulthood and parenthood).


Current Research Projects:

Attachment and Relationship Networks in Large Families: A Context-Informed Study (with Dorit Roer-Strier and Heidi Keller)

The study aims to develop a context-informed grounded theoretical model to explain attachment and relationship networks in large families living in non-Western contexts. The target population are large families in two communities in Israel: the Ultra-Orthodox and the Bedouin from the unrecognized villages. The study utilizes a modified grounded theory methodology, the purpose of which is the systematic development of a theoretical model grounded in data. [ISF Grant number 2119/20]


Sexual Abuse in the LGBTQ+ Community (with Dafna Tener)

The study aims to give voice, describe, analyze and conceptualize the experiences, meanings and perceptions of gay, lesbian and bisexual adults and young-adults who experienced sexual abuse within the LGBTQ+ community. The study combines two qualitative methodologies: semi-structured in-depth interviews with adults and young-adults, and net-nography of social media public posts dealing with this topic. This, in order to understand the phenomenon of sexual abuse in the LGBTQ+ community from the perspective of those who experienced it.


Cultural Competence and Language Accessibility

This research group is interested in promoting studies related to language accessibility of different populations, for example, the practice of interpretation and intercultural mediation, the experience of the professional relationship in a translated conversation and organizational preparation for community interpretation. We aim to develop knowledge to inform policy and practice in order to improve services operating with diverse populations.


Publications (Within the Past Five Years):

Edited Book

Roer-Strier, D. & Nadan, Y. (Eds.) (2020). Context-Informed Perspectives of Child Risk and Protection in Israel. Springer. ISBN: 978-3-030-44277-4

Chapters in Collections

Roer-Strier, D. & Nadan, Y. (2020). Introduction: The Israeli stage for context-informed perspective on child risk and protection. In D. Roer-Strier, & Y. Nadan (Eds.), Context-Informed Perspectives of Child Risk and Protection in Israel (pp. 1–12). Springer.

Nadan, Y. & Roer-Strier, D. (2020). A context-informed approach to the study of child risk and protection: Lessons learned and future directions. In D. Roer-Strier, & Y. Nadan (Eds.), Context-Informed Perspectives of Child Risk and Protection in Israel (pp. 317–331). Springer.

Gemara. N. & Nadan, Y. (2020). Corporal punishment in the Ultra-Orthodox community in Israel: Gaps between the perceptions of social workers and fathers. In T. Shackelford (Ed.). The SAGE Handbook of Domestic Violence (pp. 701–710). Sage.

Nadan, Y., Tener, D., Gemara, N., Rozenfeld-Tzafar, N., & Sharabani, M. (in print). Culture, religion and spirituality in understanding child maltreatment: Perceptions of parents and professionals in the Ultra-Orthodox community. In C. Katz & K. Maguire-Jack (Eds.) It Takes a Village: The Evolution of Neighborhoods and Implications for Child Maltreatment. Springer.

Articles in Refereed Journals

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