Conditions for progress


In order to continue to the second and subsequent years within the framework of the direct track, the student must successfully complete a full course load of 12 annual hours (24 credits) with an average of at least 90.

Conditions for progress to status of research student (stage I):

Direct-track students will be permitted to register as Stage I research students if they meet the following conditions:

  1. Completed a full program of 39 credits of MSW studies.
  2. Found a faculty member who is willing to supervise their dissertation work.
  3. Meet the regulations of the Research Students Authority.

After acceptance as a Stage I research student, the direct-track student is required by the Research Students Authority to complete 12 credits of supplementary studies.

Receiving the MSW while studying on the direct Ph.D. track

The direct-track student will be entitled to the MSW after accumulating all the credits required for the MSW with thesis.

Receiving the MSW after leaving the direct Ph.D. track

A student who does not meet the conditions above at the dates and conditions required, or a student who decides to leave the direct Ph.D. track, can complete MSW studies, according to the requirements of the MSW program, and receive the degree.