The track for holders of a master’s degree in social work



A student meeting the following four conditions may apply for the Ph.D.:

  1. Received the MSW with a weighted average of at least 88.
  2. Received a grade of at least 90 for the master’s thesis.
  3. A faculty member who is at least a senior lecturer is willing to supervise the dissertation.
  4. Meets the requirements of the Research Students Authority regulations.



In addition to the research that the student will conduct, s/he must participate in supplementary studies according to the instructions of the supervisor and the accompanying committee, in coordination with the chair of the committee for doctoral studies at the School of Social Work and Social Welfare and with the approval of the Research Students Authority.


Supplementary studies

Students holding the MSW who wrote a thesis must study 6 annual hours (12 credits) and achieve an average of at least 85, as required by the Research Students Authority.