The dissertation

Research proposal

The student will prepare a research plan for the dissertation under the supervisor’s guidance. The proposal will include and comprehend all aspects that are required according to the procedures laid down by the committee for research students.

The proposal will be brought before the accompanying committee (see below). After approval by the accompanying committee, it will be submitted to the Research Students Authority for approval. After the latter’s approval, the student may register as a Stage II research student.

Accompanying committee

According to the regulations of the Research Students Authority, an accompanying committee is appointed for each student. This committee comprises, in addition to the advisor, two or more faculty members who are close to the student’s research topic. The committee’s members are proposed by the supervisor, and this is approved by the Research Students Authority, which appoints the accompanying committee. The accompanying committee follows the student’s research up to the stage of submission for evaluation.

Evaluation of the dissertation

The dissertation will be evaluated according to the rules and procedures of the university committee for research students.

Seminar for research students

The program includes two seminars for research students: one for Stage I students and one for Stage II students.

Coordinator: Prof. Mimi Eisenstadt.

Takes place twice a month.

The seminar discusses theoretical, methodological, organizational, ethical and other questions, and how to plan and conduct dissertation research.

It is compulsory to participate in the seminar for two years.

Students will register for 03098-Research Students Seminar I (in the first year) or 03099-Research Students Seminar II (in the second year) with the coordinator for research students, Ori Sagi.