A Context Informed Perspective to the Study of Refugees' and Asylum Seekers’ Lives

This research group aims to broaden the often-limited view and understanding of refugees and asylum seekers lives. By employing qualitative methodologies, based on a context-informed approach, the group studies the topic of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel and in Europe. The members of the group are researching a variety of topics including: unaccompanied minors; parenthood, risk and protection of children; the “triadic” relationship between social workers; and interpreters and refugees in social services.

Research team: Dr. Yochay Nadan, Prof. Mimi Ajzenstadt, Dr. Bella Kovner, Lior Birger, Sabita Deshemaru, Or Kedem

For more information: yochay.nadan@mail.huji.ac.il

Birger, L., & Peled, E. (2017). Intimate strangers: Eritrean male asylum seekers’ perceptions of marriage and sexuality. Culture, health & sexuality, 19(12), 1360-1373.

Birger, L. Shoham, S & Bolzman, L. (2018). Better a prison in Israel then dying on the way: testimonies of refugees who ‘voluntarily’ departed Israel to Rwanda and Uganda and gained protection in Europe. An independent research report (37 pages).