Cultural Competence and Language Accessibility

Our research group is interested in promoting studies related to language accessibility of different populations, for example, the practice of interpretation and intercultural mediation, the experience of the professional relationship in a translated conversation and organizational preparation for community interpretation. We aim to develop knowledge to inform policy and practice in order to improve services operating with diverse populations. The current study is entitled: Community interpretation in the social services: An exploratory study.

Research Team: Dr. Orna Shemer, Dr.Yochay Nadan, Tamar Schwartz

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Nadan, Y. & Shemer, O. (2017). Community interpretation in the social services: Literature review and an exploratory study (96 pages). Joint Distribution Committee-IDC and the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services. [Hebrew]

Shemer, O. (2016). Inter-cultural mediation: critical view on the development of a cultural-sensitive role. In B. Bashir., G. Ben Porat, & Y. Yona (Eds.), Multi-culturalism and policy (pp. 226-263). Jerusalem: Van leer Jerusalem institute. [Hebrew]