Fathers, Fatherhood & Fathering

Parenting research in large-scale societies initially focused on mothers and when fathers were studied they typically were white, Euro-American, and middle-class. Currently, evidence is available from cultures in every continent but the coverage within and between nations varies widely. Almost all research on fathers across cultures since 1990 suggests some change in the direction of greater involvement by fathers. Our research group focuses on Fathers, Fatherhood & Fathering in different contexts in Israel. Our goal is to provide, facilitate, and disseminate research that documents parenting experiences and the perceptions of the fathers, the challenges and their coping methods. The current studies are taking place include: Perceptions of children's risk among Arab fathers in the Jerusalem Corridor area; The parenting experience of gay fathers who undertook surrogacy abroad; Fatherhood of stolen moments: Involvement of Israeli and FSU born fathers in infant care; and Mentalizing features in paternal speech of Israeli and FSU born fathers.

Research Team: Prof. Orya Tishbi, Dr. Yochay Nadan, Dr. Yasmin Aboud Halabi, Dr. Maya Tzfati, Nati Biton, Louis Jaber.

For more information: yan.serdtse@mail.huji.ac.il