Risk & Protection: Parents and Professionals Perceptions Regarding Risk and Protection of Children

The risk and protection group is triangulating perceptions of parents and professionals (e.g. social workers, teachers, community leaders) regarding the topics of children at risk, child abuse and neglect as well as protective variables. The studies are conducted in Israel (in diverse communities, such as with immigrants and refugees, the Ultra-Orthodox, Bedouins, etc.) and abroad. We aim to: 1) Document communalities and differences in perceptions of various communities and to compare the views of parents and professionals. 2) Learn about perceptions of professionals, both professionals from the studied communities and those who are not from within the communities. 3) Discover ways to promote the protection and safety of children. 4) Document available interventions for children at risk and their utilization by different communities as well as learn about advantages and challenges of utilizing these programs. 5) Learn about context specific community enhanced interventions in different communities. The data contributes both to theory and practice in the area of risk and protection. The current studies are being conducted within the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, the Ethiopian community, the LGBT community and with families of Moroccan descent.

Research Team: Dorit Roer-Strier, Yochay Nadan, Netanel Gemara, Shelly Engdaow-Vanda, Lital Yona, Rivky Kising

For more information: dorit.roer-strier@mail.huji.ac.il